Best restaurants in Siquijor Island

The Siquijor Island is a tiny area and also the remote location in the Visayas. Apart from the water and beaches, there are many other areas or sight view to keep you busy for your vacation or trip. The certain places in siquijor have must visit and enjoy nature.

Most wonderful places in siquijor

Siquijor port beach, one of the fondest places because there is an incredible color of crystal Clearwater source. The desertedare covered by a white sand beach with the forest as a backdrop location.  The siquijor port beach is one of the best places for relaxing within a gorgeous location.

5 Best Things to Do in Siquijor Island (Philippines)

Cambuhagay falls, the falls are probably the most well-known place in siquijor as well as a lot of exciting to visit in this place. Actually, the waterfalls are three-tiered cascading waterfalls. And passthrough the small trails of rocks in the river. Most important features in the cambuhagay falls have the warm water originating from the natural springs.

Tubod marine sanctuary, if you are going to visit this place you have to follow the three rules when you visit this place. Because there are three rules will have protected marine sanctuary in the siquijor. As well as you don’t collect anything from this place. But this is one of the beautiful places to visit the siquijor.

Best restaurants in Siquijor Island

Sunset restaurants, it is situated on the beachside and you will definitely enjoy the beautiful evening among the tropical garden.

The favorite food item has seafood items and has to enjoy a certain beautiful location.

U story guest house bar restaurants, this is one of the most beautiful waved by the sea source. It will create a soft and relaxing atmosphere and allow you to be carried away by this magic location. Amazing food varieties and best services what are you need definitely you can get and enjoy yourself.

Restaurant saki, it shows the stunning look and views of the ocean top an overlooking. And it is one of the perfect places to grab a nice cold as well as enjoy the cocktail. So you will feel free to melt into the saki atmosphere and enjoy the life precious moments.

Baha bar, it is the most wonderful flood bar in siquoijor port. There is an availability of restaurants and bar designed with the traditional island look with the wood design just like a traditional look. Definitely, you can experience the best flavors of Siquijor Island and a cocktail drinks as well as a variety of seafood.

A specialty of food variety in siquijor islands

Al Capone’s pizzeria, when you have to feel and need comfort food there is only one place on Siquijor Island. The finest imported cheese and meat variety then make an artfully cooked in a wood fire. Most common food varieties are pizza, sandwiches, wings and salad items are the perfect pair to your enjoyment. This is one of the best place to visit the siquijor islands and beach restaurants with full of enjoyment with your friends and family.

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