The Batanes is simple pleasure area and full of raw nature in the northernmost region of the Philippines. One of the best features has more rainfall than other areas of the country and also the best place to enjoy your vacation.

Best places and things to do in Batanes Philippines

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Batan island north tour, one of the green rolling area definitely you can enjoy with the island. The green rolling hills overlooking of the bluewater area that shows real view to the visitors.  The wonderful features are Basco lighthouse, Vayang rolling ills, Japanese tunnel, Tukon radar station etc. There are a lot of adventures in the Batan island full of enjoyment.

Nakabuang beach, it is the best beach to visit the water source and also including the best beaches list. Full of soft whites and with the water waves crashing onto your feet. The trademark of Nakabuang beach has Chawa cave structure and it creates the tall as well as shallow caves in the cliffs. There is an availability of cheap food and drinks with the traditional look of the cottage.

Bunker café, the great place to eat the foods and it placed on the top of the hill that shows marvelous view. Also, a piece of history in the bunker cafe came into the ocean area.

Chadpidan beach, it is one of the stunning sight views to see nature. The Chadpidan beach has made it up the rocky area and muddy paths but the views are definitely worth to visit this place.

In Batanes, Homoron blue lagoon has one of the green hill stations and has huge volcanic boulders.  Don’t miss to visit the natural Homoron bluelagoon. It is the best place to swim with the green light source and the water can turn rough without any warning. Also one of the best place to take some photos in the Homoron blue lagoon.

Batanes day, this is one of the important days in Batanes because of the center of celebrations. This is one most colorful day with songs and some musical instruments all with the green hill stations. Definitely, you can enjoy and get the good experience that you will be very lucky to these events. In this day, all of them are getting together with peoples such as farmer, students, and more.

Batanes souvenir, if you want to purchase something in the Batanes. The best thing has Batanes souvenir and you are buying the factory produced withal the items. You can get the handmade products by a local with the Batanes culture and materials.  There is availability of homemade sweets and Batanes turmeric powder in nature value.

Overall view of Batanes

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First, you have to visit and enjoy with the beaches. Because all types of beaches there can be and most common beaches are Chadpidan and Nakabuang beach. One main thing has to try the Batane fish and enjoy the beach source.

Next, you have to know the Ivatan people culture and history. There is an interesting history will show the current nature of the Batane. The best place has visited the Fundacion pacita lodge and this is one of the former houses of international pacita a bad artist.

One of the most different place in Batanes has traditional stone houses. It just like a cave look and shows the beautiful structure with work of different materials. Enjoy the rolling hill station with greenish and get your sound of music game on the Batanes landscape.