Best places and thing to do in Makati

Mystery Manila, this is one of the challenge places to yourself and solving the mystery while using the clock. You will be locked in a room where the only way to out the place by using your brain and creative way to solve the mystery puzzle.

Greenbelt chapel, it looks like a spaceshipthan a church and it appears to be some modern work of art. In the middle place to visit parts set and enjoy yourself with the greenish area.

Gaming spot, when you are younger or any age people and play video games or board games with your friends. As well as you can play the console games such as computer games, and guitar.

Market shopping, it has everything you can easily get anything in a mall. Because, it is high-end shops and brands, in addition, an outdoor market such a flower shop, dancing fountain, and fancy flair.  Most of the people like to eat the special food that also available in the market shopping. The food court is also beautiful to eat the food items especially real fish and chips with the certain tartar sauce. The chicken variety has also available like Asian style chicken dishes and rice.

Rufo’s famous tapa for breakfast shop, breakfast treat features stick cured beef along with the fired items and egg sunny side up this is one of the best places to eat the breakfast and the whole menu will dedicate to the home cooked style of meals in Makati.

Special things in Makati

Beyond yoga, between the travels definitely, you make sure that you are taking care of your body. Beyond yoga where can take care of refreshing yourself with yoga class that offered in many different styles. The most styles are power yoga, prenatal yoga, and kid’s yoga as well as they will provide the unique features of body massage that is yoga therapy.

Puyat sports, it provides reasonable packages to utilize the gaming activities where you can take advantage of unlimited games for a couple of hours to utilize the game. Common gaming activities are bowling, billiards and beer with the hall featuring to utilize the game events with your friends.

Elorde boxing gym, this is one of the best things to do in Makati and take a boxing class. There is an availability of both men and women of all ages of people and best trainee will give proper instruction to do a workout.

Pizza warehouse is a perfect place to eat the pizza. It is the causal restaurants in Makati and also they offer comfort foods which include certain special foods. Such as pasta variety, salads, chicken variety, and cord etc.

Llaolao is one of the Spanish frozen yogurts with fresh seasonal fruit variety, sauces and crunchy toppings with delicious desserts. Most probably people prefer the sweet ice cream with the layered of yogurt. This is one of the famous varieties in Makati restaurant.

Six dishes visitors should taste of Makati such as halo-halo, bukopie, kinilaw, max fired chicken, Kare-kare and Filipin ofusion. There are a lot of places in Makati especially restaurants and outdoor activities. The main thing has you have to enjoy and fulfill you with the best resource.