December, it’s getting cold. The winter is setting its step in the meadow. One would say that December is the wintery breathe that clouding the pond and fades the summer memory. People mostly tend to keep them warm by moving to new places.

Spice up your December with us. Let us see about the top 50 places that are best to travel during the month of December.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, December month is one of the warmest months. It has wonderful flora and fauna.  It also has a bay of island, which is a place for Te Papa Tongarewa museum where 1.5 million people visit every year. It also has rain-forest, coastal glaciers, and rivers with fishes.


Australia is a perfect place to plan in December. Here, the summer season starts from December to February where the temperature is average that it is neither too cold nor too hot. It has many vineyards and beautiful sceneries with long trips. So it one of the best places to be visited during December and these stunning naturals give you a wonderful feeling.


In Cuba, we can see more sunny days and Cuba has many wonderful museums, statues, and stunning architecture. It has many gardens, mountains, waterfalls, and several resorts. They also have sugarcane valley which is home of sugarcanes.


In Singapore, rainfall is more common in the month of December. The wonderful architecture and the Singapore universal studios make the tourists visit Singapore more often. It has a marina bay, which is more favorable because it has wonderful light shows which are a gift for our eyes.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, visit south west coast where the December is the sunny month of the year. It has wonderful sea views and also a wide range of elephants on the riverside which are an amazing view. It has Adam peak, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Unawatuna beach, Arugam Bay, Nuwara Eliya, and Tea Plantations area always welcome you with warmth and grace from there you can see the God’s wonderful perception of nature.


To bless with the blue skies visit Greece, it is a cold month of the year, so always have warm clothes and jackets. It has a place called Meteora, which is 1200 ft above the earth surface and it is considered as one of the spiritual places. It also has wonderful nightlife and events which makes amazing for travelers.


Ecuador experience only two seasons from June to September it is summer and from October to May it is winter. December gives warmer and rainy showers that surprisingly amazing time to view in rainy seasons when you relax on beaches. It takes 250 m deep lake with distinct colors and makes your eye fascinating. It also has a wonderful cathedral, Cotopaxi and Cajas National Park to visit. Do not miss The Galapagos Islands which is the part of the Republic of Ecuador.


In Seychelles, December is considered as moderate temperature like 24- 32 degree. So it best to visit during this month. It has wonderful surfing spot, due to wild waves swimming is a little bit difficult. It has many flora and fauna in the places as it can be seen in the Morne Seychellois National park.


In Madagascar, December month is the hottest month of the year, and it is very useful to explore the places. It has many planted trees on the dense tropical forest which makes wonderful views. It also Nosy be an island, which is the small and the tropical beach of attraction. This is one of the tourist-driven spots.


In Venezuela, December is filled cool breezy wind all over the place. Mount Roromaria, has a wonderful ecosystem with amazing views. Morrocoy National park is also a wonderful evidence for this ecosystem. Colonia Tovar has speculated its wonderful culture and food and architecture of the place.


In Myanmar, December is one of the cool months which make the place even more wonderful and attractive. It is the perfect place to explore nature. Inle Lake is with enriched with natural beauty. These have wonderful wooden boats for people to cross distant places. It also makes mesmerized with Rangoon’s beautiful architecture, mouth-watering foods, and beautiful culture.


In Portugal, December is one of the coolest months but this makes the place more beautiful. Bom Jesus do Monte is the grandest religious sanctuary. It has the diversity of nature in it. Tavira is a charming beach resort which is wonderful along with amazing cafes and beautiful beaches.


In France, December is considered as one of the coldest months, the snow of the month gives you a nice feel. Mount Saint Michel is an amazing backdrop for travelers. Eiffel tower is one of the world’s best romantic places. So these are the wonderful and amazing things that invite tourists frequently.


In Spain, December is one of the warmest months and Spain is one of the warmest countries in Europe. You can enjoy the long walk on the streets of Gran via, to see its amazing light decoration. The architecture of Spain are mainly Gaudi makes Spain look more beautiful.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, December is neither too hot nor too cold. It is a wonderful climate for tourists. La Romana is the island which has a beautiful view along with that many shops are there to buy several crafts and fascinating shopping bags. Santo Domingo is a wonderful city with amazing beauty and culture.


In Jamaica, December is the warm month but sometimes it may rain. Along the Martha Brae River has a wide range of flora and fauna while taking a tour of the bamboo raft. Negril beach is 7 miles long which give you stunning beach adventurous with several sports to be enjoyed too.


In the Philippines, December is one of the dry months of the year but it won’t affect the travelers to visit the beautiful island. Siargao Island is the amazing place for the surfers. Cloud 9 is the common wave for surfing. Aklan, Boracay, Manila are all beautiful islands which are best known for its sunset.


In Peru, December is the wet season and it has many rainfalls during that time. Cusco is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and it has many museum and building which are the real treasure. Machu Picchu is one with stunning scenic beauty and spectacular views.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, December is one of the unpredictable because sometimes its dry and sometimes it may rain. But the climate won’t affect the scenic beauty of the place. It has a wide range of ecosystem in 3000 species in Montverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Manuel Antonio National park has rich wildlife in the place which makes the tourist feel the inner peace.

South Africa

In South Africa, December is the warmest month but it rains heavily. The Cape of Good Hope gives you a wonderful feel for the one who enjoys god’s nature as god’s gift. The town of Soweto, KwaZulu-NatalKwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg are the wonderful scenery of the place. It has much wildlife to have a fascinating view.


In Argentina, December has very high but warm clothes are needed to travel outdoor. La Recoleta Cemetery gives you the amazing walk. La Boca which gives amazing indoor life if you are an indoor lover. Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aries gives the amazing and wonderful view for the travelers. Los Glaciers Natural Park is remarkable for ice-related architecture.


In Cambodia, December is one of the moderate climates where the wind is cool, breezy and low humidity. Angkor- Vat is one of the places to view its divine nature. It has amazing beaches and night outs which travelers enjoy the most. The scenic beauty and wonderful food culture give you an amazing feeling.


In Vietnam, December is one of the normal climates of the month. Mountain climbing, floating village, and ancient cities are the best part to explore. Con Dao is an amazing place which has wonderful sea life. Can Tien national park is the best for the amazing view. Co-To districts are an awesome seafood place.

Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, December is considered as one of the moderate climates of the year. Burj Khalifa is one of the man-made beauties which are known for its height. Bastakia is one of the goodness of the architecture, which is known as old Dubai.


In Guatemala, December is considered as one of the normal months of the year. Antigua Guatemala is famous for the old colonial buildings. Mayan Ruins of Tikal is one of the most famous archeological sites in Central America.


In Tunisia, December is considered as one of the Mediterranean climate and mild winter of the year. Tunis, the capital of the country is filled with wonderful architecture like the Medina, the Bardo museum and the Zaytuna mosque. They celebrate one of the oldest festivals known as the international festival of Sahara in Douz.


In Bali, December month is one of the moderate temperatures of the year and sometimes it may rain. We can view the sunset with cloud painted skies. There are museums with great collections. There are several art galleries in Ubud. Nasa Dua Theater gives you the complete spectacular view.


In Honduras, December month is considered as one of the average temperature months. So it is best for making wonderful and spectacular views of Honduras. The museum of Mayan Sculpture and the nature with birds and butterflies are the best in a capon ruins archeological site. It has a wide range of flora and fauna. It also has a big lake Lago de yojoa.

Puerto Rico 

In Puerto Rico, December is considered as one of the warmest months of the year and also the warmest climatic area in Europe. El Yunque National Forest is one of the rainforests which has a wide range of flora and fauna. Old San Juan is one of the oldest architecture with modern facilities. We can shop, dining, and even stay in this beautiful place.


In Croatia, December is considered as one of the coldest months of the year. This cold climate gives a beautiful view of the frozen waterfall and amazing beaches. It has amazing Plitvice lakes, which has sixteen interconnecting waterfalls. Mljet National park has an amazing ferry ride.


In Italy, December is to be the coolest month of the year. In Italy, Venice is one of the beautiful places which show gods wonderful creation in an immense way. Venice will make you walk along the wonderful streets. Visit the iconic boat, Gondola. Milan has the best architecture along with that it has a wonderful view, amazing foods, epic cultures and also the city full of dreams.


In the Bahamas, December is considered as one of the normal temperature areas since the Bahamas has great sunshine throughout the years. In Bahamas Nassau is one of the popular port, it has the white sanded beach, museum and several other places to visit there. Atlantis Paradise Island is one with amazing and stunning views along with wonderful resorts to stay. We can see sharks and swordfish swim here.


Barbados, eastern Caribbean island, is the coolest place but the beach gives you a pleasant place to enjoy the vacation. The parliament buildings, Harrison’s cave, Animal Flower Cave are the portrait of the wonderful culture of Barbados and it’s also one of the UNESCO protected sites. Crane beach is one of the famous beaches in Barbados for sunbath, surfing, and luxurious hotel crane beach.


In Uruguay, December is one of the warmest months of the year. So the beaches won’t disappoint you any times. Colonia Del Sacramento is one of the archaeologist’s site and one of the oldest historical places. It mostly resembles Portugal and Spain. Los Dedos Playa Brava is one of the best beaches, and the sands look golden due to the sun.


In Tasmania, December is one of the warmest months of the year. This climate makes you enjoy the travel for its spectacular view. Wineglass Bay is surrounded with white sand and green water. Bridestowe estate has a wide range of flowers which bloomed to give an amazing view.


In Malaysia, December is one of the average temperatures of a month. This climate makes December more enjoyable in Malaysia. The Christmas celebration is one of the best parts of celebrations. It has 99 islands with stunning beaches, clean crystal clear waters, and the wide range of flora and fauna. Cameron Highlands has the largest tea plantation and amazing green hills. This place is considered as one of the coolest places of Malaysia.

Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, December is considered as one of the dry months of the year. The National Museum in Abidjan has a wonderful collection of artifacts, coins, and paintings. Tiagba Stilts homes are wonderful buildings with seaside a view makes your holiday enjoyable.


In the Maldives, December is considered as one of the mixed climates of the year that is the rain gets decreases and the sunny days begins. Male is the city in the Maldives with beautiful big skyscraper light blue city and surrounded by coral. There are several beaches like Maamingili, Hithadoo, Gan which gives you the stunning sites. Vilamendhoo is wonderful for surfing and playing with sharks, scuba diving and for the coastal reefs and its the right place of the honeymoon trip.


In Fiji, December is one of the pleasant and calm months of the year. Taveuni is one of the wonderful ecosystems with beautiful Garden Island and makes to spend time with native plants and animals. Vanua Levu is the largest island in the Fiji which is comprised of many adventurous places to enjoy.


In Indonesia, December is one of the rainy days of the year. It is considered as the whole gift by the god. In Ubud, we have amazing monkey forests, amazing Hindu temples, and lush countrysides.  Jakarta is a wonderful place which has huge museums and malls which is wonderful for travelers to enjoy.


In Belize, December is one of the months with the best sunshine of the year. Placencia beaches give you stunning views. Maya Beach and Seine Bight are one of the best beaches to view. Hopkins is surrounded by Carribean seashore and misty green mountains. It has a wonderful traditional fishing village.


In Brazil, December is wetness month of the year so it makes the tourist enjoy the beach sport throughout the month. Rio de Janerio is one with beautiful streets with stunning views and amazing street foods to make your hunger go away. It has many stunning beaches and each gives you a pleasant and calm mind.


In Thailand, December is the moderate temperature month of the year. Bangkok is one of the most remembered and well-known place of all people. It has a variety of food styles, a variety of temples. It also has exotic beaches outside. So Thailand is one of the all-time Favorite places to visit. Nightlife is the best part of it.


In Laos, December is the simply peaceful month of the year. It has several waterfalls and caves to enumerate its beautiful view to the tourists. The Pakse and Phonsavan are the best places to visit. the French colonial architect, tribe hills settlements and Buddhist monasteries are things to note about Laos, in addition, its the wonderful place for happiness.


In Chile, December is one of the warmest and dry seasons in the year.  Lake District is the place where it has 12 lakes, which helps in amazing water sports activities which are one of the greatest gifts by God. Valparaiso is the seaport city of Chile, which has stunning beauty along with wonderful building architecture which gives modern look.


In Mauritius, December is the summer month of the year followed by the rainfall after that. Ile Aux Cerfs Island is one of the best islands for amazing sand beaches, reefs and lagoons, Mauritius botanical garden is located near Port Louis. Mauritius is also popular for Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir, Ganga TalaoSagar Shiv Mandir Hindu temples that touch the Indian ocean.


In Colombia, December is one of the sunny months in the year. It has amazing beaches with 990 miles and that comprises more than 300 beaches. It is one of the god’s paradises. Bogota, with its vibrant culture and wonderful nightlife it attracts most of the tourists.


Goa is an exotic coastal line area in India. Goa is famous for its beach and churches. December is one of the moderate temperatures of the month. Admire and feel the amazing beach lives on Panaji, Palolem beach, Calangute, old Goa, Baga beach, Dudhsagar fall and also several architectures, Fort Aguada, Basilica of Born Jesus Church which is too speculative to view. Explore the diverse mixing of beaches here.


In Egypt, December is considered as one of the dry and sunny months of the year. The curves of river Nile gives you the amazing and stunning beauty of the life by touching your soul. The pyramids are one of the most amazing historic buildings which show about the olden architecture of the people and also the methods and science followed with the base of pyramids are amazing.


In Mexico, December is one the mixed type of climate. In the coastal area the climate is cold and on the interior region, the climate is hot. It has 14 miles of beach and that too in shape of number seven. Mexico is the fun-filled place because you can visit new places each time while walking on the beaches and also they provide different adventure in different places.

Turn off your movies, take hand luggage put up jacket, shoes, and head to make your December memorable like never before.

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