The Laoag is one of the sunniest regions in the country. There are tons of outdoor activities both natural and manmadeactivities for visitors to enjoy them. Most common activity areas are beacharea, water, and sand. There are lots of restaurants, shopping mall andhandicraft markets based on your needs you will enjoy.

Adventure in Laoag Philippines

Lapazs and dunnes is one of the most famous places in Laoag. Lot of attraction aside from the sand area and definitely you will getting the thrilling experience over the sandy terrain. This is one of the most interesting place in Laoag and riding is a wonderful experience to the visitors.

Gameng museum is one of the humble museums which is located in a refurbished warehouse in Laoag. It is full of showcasingarchitectural gems and a wide variety of artifacts. The showcases are thetraditional touch that shows the tools used for agriculture and farming.

Paoay lake national park has wonderful features are peaceful lake surrounding where you can go boating and plays with different species and birds. This is one of the best places for looking and relaxing without any disturbance. And also near to llocandia golf and country club as well as having several hotels and resort. Definitely, you will enjoy the trip and the best relaxing place among the Laoag Philippines.

Paoay church, one of the best and stunning looks of architecture just like an earthquake baroque architecture. And also one of the oldest churches in the Laoag Philippines. Its walls are made up of coral stone and bricks as well as the most wonderful features as a three-story bell tower.

Pagudpudtown, one of the historical landmark and you can see the several structures of architecture. There are server features in the pagudpud town such as food stalls, market, and drug stores. And also have amazing beaches and natural sources.

Falls in Laoag Philippines

Kabiganfalls, one of the jungle area in Laoagand it is 80 feet tall of the waterfall. And it’s pure representation of raw natural sources. The cool basin pool has enriched the forest area and feels the cooling atmosphere. Normally the Laoag has hot weather condition especially current month have a somewhat hot condition. For that, the kabigan falls has one of the best choices to enjoy your vacation or trip.

The legendary Pinsal Falls (Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur) Credit: Tupanggala

Maligligay falls, this is one of the most breathtaking journeys definitely you have ever experienced in the falls. There area lot of adventures across you walk with the riverbeds and finally, you come to the falls area. The falls full of mist that fills with the pure air that shows nature.

Sinking belltower

The sinking bell tower is one of the historictower and booming city of Laoag. There are tremendous structural changes in the city. The place had occurred an earthquake but it shows beautiful and historical look to attract the visitors.

Must see the places in Laoag Philippines

Fort Llocandia resort and casino, it is one of the best and first class hotel in the Laoag city. It is designed by Spanish architecture and having casino and restaurants. Something’s to do include in the fort Llocandia resort such as jet skiing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, and horseback riding.

Credit: Trek Earth

Malacanang of north, it is one of the official residences for late president and also has two stories for this building.  The residence is complete features such dining area, kitchen, office, gaming activity, and Olympic sized swimming pool.  Another wonderful feature in Malacanang of the north has an expansive terrace and wonderful garden area with views of the lake.

Playa tropical resort, one of the inspired beach side resort and have wonderful enjoyment. Definitely, you can enjoy the stunning sunsets and beach area with calm waves reminds you of the wonders in the world.

Other most wonderful places in Laoag areas are juanluna shrine, bacarradomeless tower, kapurpurawan rock formation, capebojeador lighthouse, Bangui windmill, and patapat bridge. The best resorts are kingfisher resort, saud beach resort and hotel, Punta Azul beach resort and Hannah’s beach resort and convention center.