The spa is one of the self-pampering session. Apart from that it also has many health benefits for our body and skin. Spa generally rejuvenates our muscles and several parts by providing soothing to our body. This is considered as one of the luxurious and showy among the society. Nowadays these spas are easily available all over the world and let us see about the exotic spa and massage center in India.


Jiva spa is situated in the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. In this, the spa is related to Ayurvedic healing techniques and spirituality. The spa in this place is one of the satisfactory and most amazing techniques with a wonderful touch of Rajasthan and its traditional methods. It has many facilities like scrubbing, wrapping, massaging and some Indian healing methods for wonderful health benefits.


Kaya Kalp spa is located at Agra. In this spa, it will give us the feel of Mughal by its wonderful Mughal architecture. It is the largest spa in India according to its larger area of 99,000 square feet area. They provide wonderful massages and spa according to Ayurvedic methods that old saints follow.


Sereno spa is located at the beach of Goa. It has wonderful scenic beauty which makes us feel new. It is one of the best beach spas in India. Holistic massage treatments and the therapies make you feel more relaxing and soothing. The main importance is that this beautiful beach makes us more peaceful and detox throughout the spa.


The spa of Oberoi is located at wildflower hall of Shimla. It is one of the best scenic spas because it located for 22 acres of land of 8250 feet above the sea level. The portraits and the wooden architecture would completely give us the oldest age remembrance like Vedas. This is one of the best for the couples to enjoy the scenic beauty along with the best spa in the country.


Divya spa is located at the Kovalam beach of Kerala. It also one of the beach spa in India. In this spa, several medical plants are used to cure our physical health. These also help to keep our mind very calm and peaceful. They practice ayurvedic method for their massage and spa. It is one of the greenhouse spas in the country.


Ananda spa is located at the Rishikesh, the foothills of  Himalayas. Normally the Himalayas gives the feel of heaven in the real world. In this, the spa is done for various reasons like anti-aging, detoxifying, weight loss. These are performed by qualified physicians and nutritionist. They use both old and modern age of massaging like ayurvedic and western types of the spa. The combination of both gives you a wonderful experience.


The Oberoi raj villas are located at the pink city of India.  It gives the royal feel of Rajasthan. They use serval therapeutic oil which gives us a wonderful and amazing spa with royalty in a possible way.


Vivanta spa is by the Taj Bekal in Kerala. In this, they use Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga to give the therapeutic cure to the clients. It has several techniques like aromatic spa, scrubbing to massaging. It has the best bath spas for wonderful relaxation. It is awarded as one of the best spas across India several times due to its multiple techniques in massaging and spa.


Amatrra spa is located at NewDelhi. In this new type of SPA, techniques are used called Astroayurveda. These spas are done under the state of meditation by chanting OM mantras. So it makes you feel avoided from negative energy and helps us to absorb positive energy. It also keeps as the balance between mind, body, and soul by keeping the external and internal energies under control.


The Taj Malabar spa is located in Cochin, karela. They use 100 years old oil to the spa and massaging and its proved as one of the highly medicinal values which actually give calmness and rejuvenating experience. The client can get the spa and massage for detoxifying and toning of the body. It is of two types like 3 days and 7 days. In this 7 days is an extended version.


There are several other spas like Golden Palm hotel and spa in Bangalore, Kairaaliayurvedic spa in Kerala, Golkonda resort and spa in Hyderabad, Banasura hill resort in Wayanad,  Joy’s spa in Pondicherry, Riverview Retreat in Corbett National park, Suryavillas Resort and spa in Himachal Pradesh, Vishranti Spa in Dehradun, Blue Ocean spa in Ratnagiri, Ramsukh resort and spa in Mahabaleshwar, Park Hyatt resort and spa in goa, Neemrana fort in Rajasthan. These are the amazing spa across India. So people can enjoy the various spa and massaging all over the country and keep their mind and body in a peaceful state.