Munroe Island is one of the beautiful places and has a piece of land formed by the cluster area of eight small islands. It is surrounded by kalada river and lake that offers the stunning look of a green plantation. This is common sight view in Kerala and also Mother Nature.

Why Travel the Munroe island?

This is one of the tourism destinations where one can see the natures such as fishing, bird watch, waterways, coconut farms on the lakeside, mangrove plants and many beautiful small islands. The kallada boat race is one of the most famous boat races in Kerela. The wonderful backwaters of ashtamudi lake and kallada river. And several backwaters are integrated by digging canals.

This islands stands for strong to preserve the culture that shows people living in the olden days. The most interesting thing has blessed with a variety of flora and fauna with the full of happy and welcoming the nature.

Interesting Facts About the Munroe island

It is a secluded island and many remains from stone age as well as it is full of backwaters of the Aashtamudi lake and the Kallada river. The main attractions are Palaruvi falls, Kollam beach, Jadayu rock, Thirumullavaram beach, Shennduruny wildlife sanctuary, Neendakara port and the cave temple at Kottukal.

Best Restaurants in Munroe island

The most and nearby restaurants are ramees restaurant, the riverside, Indian coffee house, mahal food briyani hub, sree suprabhatham, and Marco Polo etc.

Hidden pearls of Munroe island

The hidden pearl of Munroe island is backwaters and one of the most beautiful places if you want to visit the Munroe island. You have to give the first preference to visit the backwaters. The main thing has beautiful and loved to relax the atmosphere with the special of greenish nature. The boat our has one of the great experience to enjoy yourself and the traditional look of a canoe with the magic sound of the island.

Hidden pearls of Munroe island

Best Places to Visit in Munroe island

There is a number of exciting things in Munroe island with full of historical sites with beautiful natural attractions. Definitely, you get the new experience to visit the places to see certain natural things and shows the unique feel to do the Munroe island. So you do n’t miss to visit these amazing place before that you should check out the attraction and activities in Munroe island.

Kerela Backwaters Canoe

This is one of the best places to enjoy the wide varieties of natural and freshness of narrow canals. Make sure to visit this place and you should take a Kerala backwaters canoe tour on Munroe island. More interesting activity in Kerala backwaters as canoe boat that will create many interesting experiences.

Cruise Ride at Munroe Island

It is one of the unique craft cruises at Munroe island and typical backwater island village of Kerala. It provides the real life of Kerala with full of natural scenery that will find through the cruising is a fantastic experience. Definitely, the ride will be a very pleasant and relaxing feel with nature.

Cruise Ride at Munroe Island

Thangassery Light House

It is a good place to visit the Munroe island and also a center of the Kollam. You can travel to this amazing place near to the Kollam beach. Even you can walk from there to visit the Thangassery Light House. The height of the lighthouse has 140 feet and the place is surrounded by enhancing the natural beauty and calming silence area. The area around the lighthouse is great for the picnic and enjoy the natural scenery. Just walk a km away is the infant Jesus cathedral and nearby the Kollam beach.

Weather Condition in Munroe island

Most probably people are confused to decide the vacation for Munroe island. Because of, the weather condition and question will arise what is the best time of year to go to the Munroe island? Normally, the temperature is always high and a lot of rain during the months of May to November. The warmest month in Munroe island as may and the coolest time in the island as for December. You should avoid the trip during the month of June because the wettest month and February are also very driest month. So you make the trip during the time of vacation holidays and prepare the proper plan to visit the Munroe island.

Weather Condition in Munroe island

Best Resorts in Munroe island

Munroe Island Lake Resort

Munroe island lake resort is one of the best resorts and situated in Munroe island with Kerala backwater area. The resort has specific features to customers such as WIFI, garden and specialized rooms with full of furnishing.

Lake N River Resort

Lake N river resort will provide the free bikes and the more furnished room facilities. With a greenish garden area and the property of the terrace as well as a shared lounge with full of the green plantation.

Pranavam Resorts

Pranavam resort is nearby the thangassery lighthouse with the private beach location. There is a special facility as a barbecue as well as a garden area.

There are lots of hotels and resorts as available on Munroe island. The only thing has to choose the best option based on your requirements and try to prepare a proper plan to visit the island. Most of the people arise the question why I should visit the Munroe island? The only thing has the natural environment and full of backwater resource that shows the wonderful atmosphere compared to normal environment. Definitely, you can enjoy nature and activities.

It is one of the famous heritage and historical place as well as full of nature. The Munroe island leads a very happy feel and work hand of fishing and agriculture that shows wonderful experience of the people who live in the Munroe island.

If you are planning the vacation the only thing has to be free from work and spend the time with family members. So the best option has Munroe island that will know a trip with more enjoyable. The cool breeze of greenish place that can help to feel the nature and definitely you forgot the tension and work pressure. The backwaters resorts are more preferable to visit the bank of a river and you will enjoy the sunset.