New Zealand is famous for its spectacular natural beauty. A cathedral cave is one of the most visited sites on the Coromandel Peninsula. Walk along the beach and explore the beauty of impressive cathedral caves is the amazing experience for the visitors. It located at the northern end of the pristine Waipati Beach. These caves are most popular for its length that is 200 meters and also their impressive height that is up to 30 meters.

You can visit this natural beauty by walking track that disembarks through the kamahi coastal forest of the Waipati Beach Scenic Reserve. This article shows you the things that you can do near the Cathedral Caves.

McLean Falls Walk

If you are in Catlins, don’t forget to visit the McLean falls. The 22m falls is located on the Tautuku River in a conservation park and it is known as most spectacular in that region. You can feel very pleasant while a walk to the falls and uphill. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in this region of New Zealand. Standing right next to the water is excellent for photography and there are lots of rocks to climb over.

McLean Falls Walk

McLean falls is located at the end of the short forest track. You can reach the first small waterfall in 10-15 minutes and it is an excellent entrée to the main course.

The hike was about 40 minutes round trip and it was one of the pretty much spots on. Spending a day in Catlins is an amazing experience in your life. There are lots of wildlife in the area, excellent beaches, some surreal coastal scenery and also several impressive waterfalls.

Matai Falls Walk

One of the main reasons that peoples visited the Catlins is the chance to see the most stunning waterfalls in the world. Matai falls is another beautiful waterfall in Catlin. The short walk to the Matai falls takes you through the lush forest to a couple of awesome viewpoints. This waterfall is nearby McLean falls, but definitely, it is worth place to visit.

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The Catlin coast located on the southern edge of New Zealand, it is the pleasant region of forests, wild beaches, and hills with some of the wonderful waterfalls thrown in. This 10-meter high waterfall is the cool place to take photograph and it features the fallen tree spread across the front of it, making it a more beautiful place to visit.

Matai falls is located near the coastal road between the small settlements of Papatowai and Owaka. From Papatowai, it was a short drive up the road to reach the small car park for the Matai falls. From there, you can reach the falls in ten minutes through the gorgeous lush forests.

Walking a little bit to get a natural attraction is one of the good things. Walking through the natural beauty immerses you more in the environment. It helps you to get rid of the background noise of traffic on the access roads. By walking through the forest, you can hear the sound of birds and wind as well as the gentle waterfall.

Florence Hill Lookout and Tautuku Bay

There are many wonderful beaches and coastal areas available to visit in Catlin. But, there are not many places in the Catlin where you can enjoy basking in the view. Florence hill lookout is the only place where you can do that. You can view over the Tautuku Bay and also you can head down to a sea level for a walk along one of the amazing beaches in Catlin. There is also the best forest walk available to Lake Wilkie, where you can experience some cool reflections.

Florence Hill Lookout and Tautuku Bay

Florence Hill Lookout

In New Zealand, Florence hill lookout is one of the top ten coastal viewpoints. Before leaving the Catlin, don’t forget to visit the Florence Hill lookout. No matter how many times you visit that place, because each time it looks little different, depending on the weather, tide and time of the day.

It is great to visit that place in the late morning, but just before the sunset also a good time to visit. This horseshoe-shaped bay featured with wavy blue water and white sand.

Tautuku Bay

Tautuku bay is also one of the worth places to visit. You can climb around the rocks, at the end closest to Florence hill. You can walk a short distance from the car park and you can drive right onto the beach. At the end of the Tautuku bay, you can find the boardwalk over the tussocks. This place is home to various birds and this area is a salt marsh.

Cathedral Cove Kayak

Cathedral cove kayak tours are one of the best experiences in the Coromandel. If you are visiting New Zealand, Cathedral Cove Kayaking is must-do activity. The Coromandel welcomes you with pure white sand beaches, mild temperatures, craggy cliffs, impossibly clear aquamarine waves, and dramatic rock formations. Getting from Whitianga to Cathedral Cove is little difficult, but Cathedral Cove Kayak is well worth the effort.

Cathedral Cove Kayak
Sunny afternoon at Cathedral Cove

You can only reach Cathedral cove by boat or foot, the great way to reach there is Cathedral Cove Kayak tours. Kayak Cathedral Cove tours recommend, calling the day before make sure that the weather is suitable for you and your trip is going ahead.

Hahei Explorer Cathedral Cove Boat Tour

Discover of the excitement and adventure of this Cathedral Cove boat tour is a memorable experience of your life. It is the most photographed beach in New Zealand and here, you can see penguins, seals, and dolphins.

Hahei explorer cathedral cove boat tour will take you to places only accessible by boat including the spectacular sea caves and coastal islands in the marine reserve. (Pic Credit: Stray Travel)

Activity Option in Hahei Explorer

  • It is the world famous cathedral cove.
  • You can travel 14km past coastal islands of the marine reserve, massive sea caves, reefs, and bays.
  • Boat tour available for all age groups and it is one of the great family activities.