If you love to see waterfalls, the Philippines is one of the most wonderful places to visit. The Philippines have a collection of amazing waterfalls perfect for you. These waterfalls in the Philippines are stunning, and definitely, you can feel a wonder of the natural world. This article shows you the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines.

Tamaraw Waterfalls (Sabang, Puerto Galera, Mindoro)

Puerto Galera is one of the top tourist destinations to visit in the Philippines. The place is located very close to Manila. The place Puerto Galera is well known for its paradise beaches, but also it is the best location for one of the amazing waterfalls. Tamaraw waterfall is a wonderful 423-foot spectacle.

Tamaraw Waterfalls (Sabang, Puerto Galera, Mindoro)

If you are already visiting the Puerto Galera’s beach resorts, then the Tamaraw waterfall is easily accessible. No long trek travel required to visit this wonder of nature. It is located near the city of San Teodoro, in Barangay Villaflor.

Tamaraw waterfalls are located is just 13km away from Puerto Galera. It is about 40 minutes of travel. You can take a taxi, rent a motorbike, or rent a private van to reach the place. Some resort in Puerto Galera offers a package tour to visit the waterfalls.

Alalum falls

The Alalum falls located in Sumilao and it is about 128 feet. When you see the Alalum falls, you can feel a majestic cascade. Visiting the Alalum falls giving you an experience like you are in a paradise island. The 128 feet cascade of fresh water is flanked by wildflowers, thick greenery, and blooms, abundant trees, and shrubs.

Pic: Greedy Peg

The Alalum falls can be easily accessible. No difficult treks or trails required to reach this natural wonder.

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Kawasan falls

Kawasan falls is the most famous tourist destinations in Cebu and also it is one of the amazing waterfalls in the Philippines. Kawasan falls is hidden in the deep rainforest and it is only reached by 30 minutes hiking through the mountains of Badian. It is the three-level waterfall and their cascade of fresh water is crystal clear. Each three-level of waterfall offers you a different experience and you can swim here.

Kawasan Falls without the crowds. Pic Credit: lavidaviva

The first level of the waterfall is the tallest of the three and the height of about 40 meters. The second waterfall is 20-meter height and it is only ten minutes hike from the base. The third waterfall is the smallest of the three and it is the hidden waterfall in the mountains.

Kawasan falls is located in Barangay Matutinao. This waterfall is considered as the cleanest water body in the Philippines. It is 130 km away from the city of Cebu and you can easily reach this waterfall in about three hours by bus.

Limunsudan Falls

Limunsudan falls is another natural wonder from Iligan city. It is the second largest waterfall in the Philippines. It cascades in two steps and the backdrops of waterfalls are majestic that visitors can feel like they are in the adventure movie.

Limunsudan FallsThis waterfall is situated in the Sitio Limunsudan in Barangay Rogongon. It is 55km away from the city and lies in the Bayong River. Limunsudan is the remote village and you can only reach that place by trekking two or three days from the Barangay Rogongon.

Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalot falls is also one of the amazing waterfalls in Iligan city. The other famous falls in that region are Tinago falls and Maria Christina Falls. In fact, that region has about 20 waterfalls. The Mimbalot falls is a natural beauty and you can swim under the falls. Not directly at the base of falls, because the large rocks and strong cascades are dangerous. Instead, directly into the falls, you can enjoy the cool waters of the many pool basins.

Mimbalot Falls

If you want more adventures, you can go for a trekking and zip-lining. This waterfall is the part of the Eco Park and the lligan paradise resort. The area resorts offer a horse riding, hanging-bridge walk, riding the cable cars against the stunning views, tubing, and kayaking.

Tinago Falls

Tinago falls are 73 meters (240 feet) height and you have to climb 500 step staircase to reach this falls. Tinago means ‘hidden’ in English and the Tinago waterfalls are hidden into the deep ravine. It is another famous waterfalls in Iligan city and it is the city of majestic waterfalls.

Tinago Falls
People enjoying the water of Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is popular for its stunning beauty and you can ride a raft along the flowing water for a small fee. While being in a lligan city you can also visit the Maria Christina Falls.

Aliwagwag falls

Aliwagwag falls is the highest waterfall in the Philippines. The one over another series of more than 100 falls in the height of 340 meters (1120 feet). The majestic waterfall is regarded as the most wonderful in Mindanao. It is situated in the secured landscape in Barangay Aligwagwag. It is one of the most visited natural wonders and you can hike down the river to get the closer and clear experience of the falls. Aliwagwag falls is just 30-40 minutes away from the city proper and you can experience the tallest falls in the country by visiting this waterfall.

Seven falls, Lake Sebu

While the plan to visit the waterfalls in the Philippines, do not forget the seven falls, Lake Sebu. Once you visit the seven falls, you want to visit that place again and again. It is located in South Cotabato, Mindanao. The place is complete with dense forests, placid lakes, glorious waterfalls, and roaring rivers. The series of seven waterfalls have the majestic beauty of nature.

The two of the seven waterfalls can be easily accessible with Hikong Alo. You can view the falls 3,4 and 5 from the highest Zip lines in Southeast Asia. Visiting the seven falls is the best zip line experience in your life.

Maria Christina falls

It is the most famous waterfall in the Philippines. It is known as the waterfall of all waterfalls and it is located in the highlands of the Mindanao. Maria Christina falls is the 98-meter waterfall and it is the main source of electric power in Iligan city.