Mostly the traveler realized the traveling experience formal one that gives more immense experience and opportunity. If you are choosing the long traveling and long time you must prepare a proper plan. Before plan the solo trip you have to choose the right place based on your requirements. One of the best place in Tamilnadu, Kanyakumari which are boundaries of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. So you can realize the nature view and environment.

The small town of Kanyakumari has the best tourism places such as temples, churches, and beaches to enhance the vacation trip. The main landmark of Kanyakumari is Thiruvalluvar statue with the representation in Tamil of literature.

Kanyakumari Plan Trip

Before starting your journey, you have to pick the essential things and tickets.  And, you have to prepare the plan to visit the places and enjoy yourself. The Kanyakumari town was a very pretty small area and can be covered by walking has very interesting to view several things for a solo trip. The most mesmerizing view has sunrises and sunsets in Kanyakumari.  Most of the people like to visit the sunset and sunrise view especially the local people who are living in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Beach Area

The southernmost tip of a beach is Kanyakumari beach and it literally likes the end of the world. It is really wonderful and popular beaches in the Tamilnadu. The main thing has multi-colored sand area and rocks on the shores. The unique features are sunset and sunrise throngs the beach area. The beach was full of the rocky and rough area you may sit on the rocks definitely you will feel the chilly air and best spot to relax.

Kanyakumari Beach Area

It is one of the famous places for a temple of Parashakti that is called Kanya Kumari. This place was full of love and charming as well as there is a roman catholic church. This is one of the oldest and biggest churches in India.

Sanguthurai Beach

Next, best place has seen in Kanyakumari as Sanguthurai beach. It lies along with the cost of Sothuvilai and more interesting place to the viewpoint. The soft white sand is to walk on the area and waves are going to relax you. This is one of the best options for the solo trip to visit. You find the pine trees and swaying the moods of the wind.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

The most Hindu philosophies have learned of thought of Swami Vivekananda. If you are looking for peace or yoga this is the best place to explore yourself and get the peace. You may enter the meditation hall of the memorial and get the stress free. There are several sections in Vivekananda memorial and the spots are Mukha mandapam and Namashtubhyam. There is a combination of memorial architectural style looks and houses a sculpture of Vivekananda. It is a very unique architectural and looks over the rocks that surround by the Laccadive Sea. This memorial rock is situated in the rock island in between the sea. The fresh air from the sea was just taking away every thought from your mind and completely you becoming the blank mindset.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Generally, the weather condition of Kanyakumari is somewhat hot condition and humid due to its presence of seashore and the equator. The best place has to spend time in peacock sanctuary where there are hundreds of peacock were roaming freely inside the park area.

Gandhi Memorial

The lovingly called the father of nation has Mahatma Gandhi and loving the memory of Bapu. The occurrence of a memorial unit has designed in the traditional view and look a style as Orissa style look and constructed nearby the seashore.

Seafood Restaurant

There are lots of seafood restaurants as available in Kanyakumari bazaar. The restaurants are viewed in seashore and people looking for a sea view. You can view the rock memorial in one side of the Kanyakumari and Kundankulam nuclear power plant there is perfect for spirituality and technology.

Wax museum

It is nearby the railway station and the museum is small but there is a worth to visit the place as well as you have to spend the time there.

Ferry Boat

It is nearby place as Triveni Sangam where there is three sea meets the Bay of Bengal from the east just opposite to the Kanyakumari temple and get the ticket to start the boat journey.  The vessel starts its engine and it is a very amazing experience for you to be riding a ferry on the Indian Ocean.  If vessels moving definitely you could hear the strong waves that hitting the front part of the vessel area. The water was also splashing on your face and too strong winds.

Ferry Boat

Kumarakoil Murugan Temple

It is one of the ancient temples which have located at top of the Velimalai hills. The Lord Murugan and his consort the goddess Valli. It is believed to the holy venue of their marriage and is one of the rock-cut temples. The stone carvings will show the intricate and depicting various stories from the ancient time.  The massive look of the sculpture of Lord Muruga and definitely you got a great significance.

There are several other places as available in Kanyakumari. In that one of the important place has tsunami monument and caused unprecedented damage to the people life and property. Visit this place to pay their homage and give respects to those who corroded in the incident.

Best Foods in Kanyakumari Restaurants

The important part has generous use of spices and an essential need of garnishing of coconut. There are two flavors in food variety one as seafood varieties and typical south Indian food variety. The sea facing restaurants shows beautiful nature and view of a seashore.

Famous Food Items of Kanyakumari

Some of the few famous food items of Kanyakumari such as banana chips, appam, pasha sarbath, kothu parrota, semiya payasam, pasha bajji, palm fruit juice variety, maravazhi kilangu with fish and jackfruit. The unique dishes shows the mouth wondering and definitely, you will enjoy the different food variety.