Normally, Hyderabad is a popular tourist destination and a very interesting place to live. There are many good numbers of reasons which include the richness of culture and foodies. The beauty of the city is structures and buildings from the old flavor. The fort is good choices in Hyderabad city for some peaceful moments. The most common forts are Golconda and Hussain Sagar Lake with a great look of an atmosphere.

If you want to love and enjoy the certain place such as hill stations and beaches in Hyderabad. Some excellent places are available especially for Hindu temples and national parks. Whatever your mood, you can finalize the right destination to travel to around the area of Hyderabad city.

One day trip from Hyderabad city

Warangal city, it has constructed by several monuments such as a fortress, stone gateways, lake, and temple. This is the perfect and nearest place to visit the Hyderabad city. The main attraction is a historical temple with the eight-handed goddess Bhadrakali temple. And, star-shaped thousand pillar temple which is located the near of Hyderabad city. The main activities are bird watching, boating, and photography from the center city. Best time to visit this place during the October to March.


Mahabubnagar, it is the former location of Hyderabad city. It is the legendary source of the Golconda fort with numerous religious activities and historic site location. There is a waterfall in Mahabubnagar which is named as Mallelatheertham. It is the heart of the Nallamala forest region and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. This is the best option for a family trip and tries to make the weekend or one-day trip.


Bhongir Fort

Bhongir fort, it is built on a hilltop and which is a huge monolithic rock. The top of the hill locations gives wonderful nature and bird view of the surrounding area. Definitely, you can get the thrilling experience by climbing the hilltop and also one of the rich history places.

Bhongir Fort

Anantagiri hill station and it most preferred for one-day trips. It has full of natural scenic beauty and proximity city. It is also one of the popular places for trekking and camping definitely you can enjoy the trip.

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Ethipothala Falls

Ethipothala falls, it has constantly attractive tourist spots with full of scenic beauty. In this place have one famous waterfall that is formed by the mountain streams. This is the best option for one day trip to enjoy the location with greenery.

Ethipothala Falls

Jain temple in Kolanupaka

Jain temple in Kolanupaka, those who love to visit the temple this is the best option. The old Jain temple of Mahavira is decorated with beautiful images and important pilgrimage views in the country. There is rich of history with wonderful architecture and special red stone view as well as a temple as build by full of marbles.

Jain temple in Kolanupaka


Kurnool city, it is one of the amazing places in Hyderabad and has centuries-old caves. It is the second largest and longest caves in India.  The natural rock formations show the beautiful garden which is presenting the stunning sight view and the best place for one day trip.

Kurnool city

Osmansagar Lake

Osmansagar lake, it is one of the favorite tourist spots in Hyderabad. It is an artificial lake that provides the drinking water to the Hyderabad city. But, it is the best relaxation places and shows the full of greenish cover.

Foggy Sunrise at Osmansagar Lake

Wargal Saraswati Temple

Wargal Saraswati temple, it is the nearest temple and goddess of learning children’s. Parents send their children to this temple for introducing the learning process by making them writing practice and they sent to school.  The famous festival has Navratri with much festivity in this temple.

Wargal Saraswati temple