How to make your makeup last all day

For most of us, getting our makeup to stay put for more than a couple of hours is unusual. It is one of the makeup struggles for everyone. Most of the peoples have the question, how do get makeup to last so long? There is a way to make your makeup last all day and it is not even hard.

Why your makeup smudges and comes off?

Makeup disappearing act is the common problem for everyone. There are some factors that contribute to your makeup smudging and fading.

  • Sweat: if you are going to attend a party or wedding on a summer day, you know the challenge of trying to look fresh while beating the heat. Sweat mixes with the makeup and it spoils your makeup. Sweating melts your makeup away and blotting does not help you in this situation. Sweating is one of the major problems of your makeup.
  • Choosing a wrong makeup: applying a wrong makeup on your skin causes makeup smudge. And choosing quality less make products also one of the reasons for your makeup comes off quickly. Lesser quality makeup things do not have the staying power. There are some products that offer moisturizing, anti-aging benefits, and waterproof.
  • Touching your face: try to avoid touching your makeup skin. Constantly touching your skin can lift makeup off your face.


How to make your makeup last

Here, the best ways to make your makeup last.

Start with prepared skin

Start by using a cleanser formulated for your skin to remove excess oil and dirt. Washing away the dirt and oil will help your fresh makeup stay longer. If you apply fresh makeup on dirty and oil face, then it will tend to slip off. Before applying the makeup, wash your face cleanly. Don’t use harsh soap products on your face. Because, it can cause dryness and irritation, which leads your makeup comes off quickly.

Dead skin tends to accumulate on the face, so it is essential to exfoliate your face a few times in a week. Applying makeup on a dead skin will make it comes off during the day. You can use a facial brush on your face to lightly brush the dead skin. In exfoliated face, your makeup will look better and smooth. And also you need to exfoliate your lips to keep your lipstick for a long time.


If you have an oily skin, buy an oil-free moisturizer. For dry skin, use a nourishing one. Make sure that the moisturizer protects your skin from the sun. If you are older, then use a moisturizer that has anti-wrinkle properties. Avoid to using rich and creamy moisturizer during the day. Because it makes your face too slick for your makeup.


It is important to use a good primer to having makeup throughout the whole day. Apply the primer on your entire face, especially in oily areas. Using an eye primer makes your eyeshadow last longer. It protects your eye makeup from tends to smudge and end up below your eyes. Eye primer also helps your eyeliner stay in place.

Choosing the right makeup


First, you need to get a good matte foundation. If you don’t want to apply the liquid foundation on your face, then you can use mineral powder instead of liquid foundation. It provides lighter coverage than liquid.

Alternatively, you can try powder foundation, cream foundation, tinted moisturizer or cream-to-powder moisturizer.

You can use the translucent setting powder on your face. It is simple clear face powder that gives the matte appearance to your face. There is a variety of settling powders available on the store.

Use a long-wear lip color

These type of lip colors stays on your lips for a long time, even when you drink and eat. You should moisturize your lips properly before applying the lip color. Depending on the type of look, there is the variety of long-wear lip products on the market.

If your lips dry easily, then you should avoid long-wearing formulas or matte lipstick. Use a sheep lipstick or lip gloss. It makes your lips feel and look juicier.

Powdered eyeshadow

Using a powdered eyeshadow on over primer helps to keep your color in place all day long. Cream shadows come off more easily. This is so applying a power to the prime by an eyeshadow brush.

Use water-resistant mascara

It is important to use water-resistant mascara to keep your eye looking fresh all day. If you happen to cry or wet, it won’t smudge. But you have to make sure that you don’t sleep with it. Waterproof mascaras are good for everyday use. It is really best for special occasions such as wedding and poolside photo shoot.

Take your time to apply your makeup

After applying each layer, you have to wait for 5 minutes before applying the next one. It will be helping your makeup stay for a long time.

Avoid touching your face

You should avoid touching your face during the day. Because, when you touch your face, you are removing a little bit of your makeup. Touching your face increases the chance of smudge your makeup. This is so trying to avoid touch your face with your fingers.

During summer

Put a light makeup during the summer days. When it is heated outside, applying a plenty of makeup is not a good idea. If you sweat, your makeup will naturally slip off very easily. The great thing to do is apply the waterproof makeup on your face.

Use brushes not your fingers

To make your makeup last longer, you should use brushes instead of using your fingers. This is why you can apply a thin layer of the foundation by using brushes.

Apply the right amount of makeup

It could be a big mistake if you think that the more makeup will last longer. For long-lasting makeup application, the simple rule is ‘less is more’. This comes true when it comes to applying powder, foundation, and concealed. Avoid applying the foundation all over your face; apply the thin layer of foundation only on the coverage places.