How to decorate a wedding on a budget?

Weddings are wonderful events in everyone’s life. All the peoples love to beautifully decorated wedding and reception. You can save money with cheap wedding decoration ideas. You can plan a beautiful wedding and also you save money with this cheapest beautiful decoration ideas.


Location is the most important part to save your money. Pick a fabulous location is a great way to save your money. If the wedding place is gorgeous, you don’t need to put more effects to decorate it. However, if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, it is best to go to the place which suitable for your budget.

You can plan the reception party an outside of the city, it saves a lot of money. Because small town locations are less expensive compared to the big city venues.


You can save money on flowers by buying in-season blossoms and purchase the flowers from the local growers because it reduces the shipping charges. For a casual wedding, use your own growing flowers and also using native wildflowers. You can use the silk flower petals to decorate the wedding and reception tables.


Candles are considered as a romantic lighting at wedding events. So add romantic lighting by using candles in your event. For extra glitter, use the garden style enterprises that surrounded by votive candles or tea lightning. And also place the mirrors opposite to the candles or place the candles on mirrored bases for reflections.


To match your wedding colors, change the bulbs using lighting fixtures. It is easy and cheapest method to add and match the color to your reception.

If you fix the white twinkle lights on the line pillars and under tables, it gives great wedding decoration effect. You can borrow white twinkle lights from your family members or your friends. Adding some disco balls and simple party lights are also the cheapest way of decoration.


Decorate your wedding tables by adding colorful fruit wedding centerpieces. Small bowls of mints and candy are also the simple and cutest wedding table decorations.


Use a simple projector for broadcasting slideshows that will repeat silently throughout the evening is one of the simple and greatest ideas. Slide photos include the wedding phrase, photos of the couple, and romantic clipart.

Use balloons

Using balloons is one of the greatest decorations for the wedding on a small budget. You can use different colors of balloons to decorate your wedding and reception hall.