The Nelliyampathy hills are the very enchanting place and located at Palakkad district. But, the scenery of this place has very beautiful and creating the mesmerizing. Why this destination is one of the most popular places because of the attraction of a pleasant atmosphere with enchanting landscapes. It will make the perfect place for the holidays.

To reach the Nelliyampahty hills definitely you feel fragrant of gardens such as coffee, tea, and cardamom all along the way. And, these hills are known the to place for delicious oranges with full of the plantation and get a taste variety of fruits and plantation. You will find the beautiful houses and resorts that make at the backdrop of the hill stations. Wherever you could see the fluffy cloud area at the top of your head and the mountain range or roads. The only thing ahs nature is calling you and you will visit this destination without any fear.

Best Places to Visit Safely

Poabs Organic Estates

The plans organic estates is one of the leading organic products and it is situated in the Nelliyampathy hill station. The average height of the hill is above 3000feet and also this is the largest perennial multi-crop organic farm area. The main production of the poabs organic estates has organic tea variety, coffee with the intercrops of pepper, cardamom, and vanilla.

Poabs Organic Estates

The climate condition on poabs organic estates is very ideal and highly suitable for plantations. The common plantation is growing coffee, tea and with plenty of water sources. Not only the cultivation tea and coffee, but they also produce several other varieties of plantation such as black, green, red and white pepper.

Seetharkund Viewpoint

It is one of the beautiful viewpoints which give the fresh breathtaking the valley view wonderfully. At the end of the Seetharkund viewpoint, you can see the seethar kund waterfalls. This is the best place to visit the waterfall during the time of monsoon. Also, it is one of the believed places for Lord Ram, Lakshman and Seetha took rest during banish period.

Seetharkund Viewpoint

Meenampara Viewpoint

The Meenampara viewpoint is one of the center stages of Nnelliyampathy and prepares your vacation plan to this place. You will find the different attractions and miles away. The great view of near town area with has beautiful look but the little risk to visit the place with your kids. So you should take care of your kids as well as safe to drive to visit the Meenampara viewpoint.

Nelliyampathy Guha

The Nelliyampathy Guha is one of the foothills which is grouped the caves located in the Nelliyampahty hill station. These caves are used hideout, stables, and way to point the hunting animals in the olden days. And, the Nnelliyampahty Guha have segregation point of the manila river and full of a water source.

Pothundi Reservoir

The Pothundi reservoir is one of the ancient time places and the main purpose is irrigation. The dam has got a wonderful garden area maintained on its slopes with enclosing the mountains around the wonderful sight view. From the dam starts the hairpin bends through the forest area and there are viewpoints constructed to enjoy the forest valley view. The Pothundi reservoir in Nelliyampathy is across the Padippuzha and Meenchadyppuzha river. The park will situate nearby the dam and this is the perfect place for fun with kids and family members. During the monsoon time when many waterfalls come into existence of the entire location that shows beautifully. This place is a major source of drinking water apart from that the provision of boating and also one of the popular picnic spot.

There is a lot of things to do in Nelliyampathy than just sightseeing view of the hill station and adventure activities. This is one of the eco-tourism destination place and great trekking point reachable by jeep or van.

The best time to visit the Nelliyampathy hill station during the time of September to May. It is the best choice to make the vacation plan and enjoy with your family members.

Palaganpandi Estate

The best resort at the Ppalagapandi estate which is the highest point of a Nelliyampathy hill station. The resort was fully covered by plantations that will make the perfect look sight viewing place to hang out.

Another famous area is Seethakundu, this is one of the holiday spots especially for who are loving the waterfalls. Other interesting places are Parambikulam, Malampuzha garden area and raja cliff with the wildlife sanctuary. Definitely, you get the full enjoyment in a Nnelliyampathy hill station and wonderful adventure experience or activities in the beauty of the place.

Shopping in Nelliyampathy

Commonly, the Nnelliyampahty is one of the famous tourism place full of natural resource and beauty. There are lots of plantations in Nnelliyampathy such as tea, coffee, pepper variety, organs, and cardamom etc. so you can shop the natural items with extensively for the same but the only famous in the region available in the Nelliyampathy. The fragrant beverage of tea variety and coffee with has the delicious experience to purchase the organic product. In the Nnelliyampathy region is very well known for wine and organic products.


Nenmara is one of the lying places in Nelliyampathy and the main attraction of this place has vela festival. As well as another popular celebration has area post rice harvesting and the best place for harvesting full of natural view.


There are many places and resorts in the Nelliyampathy hills. It is one of the best places for attraction and activities. You will plan your vacation during the monsoon time and enjoy the climate and natural sceneries as well as one of the safe place to visit the Nelliyampathy hill. And it is one of the best options for photography because full of natural that shows greenish surrounding and atmosphere. Definitely, you will enjoy photography and take a neat snap with your friends or family. Normally the hill stations show a natural view and water source the Nnelliyampathy as one of the best choices for vacation with full of wonderful nature.