Are you searching for a new trip that almost no one has done before you? The main thing has to choose the right choice of destination. Some hidden places are there in India and also choose the least visited places. If you are deciding the vacation soon and also stop traveling the same place try something new with the unexplored places. There are a lot of unexplored places as available in India and you have to choose the right choice.


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Radhanagar in Andaman Nicobar beach, it is one of the quite popular beaches and best for a solo traveler on a picture-perfect beach area. With full of whites sand beach and blue water in front of the greenery with has towering of palm trees. This is the perfect paradise of solo travelers. You can spend your time relaxing and get fresh air with walking along the coast area. Best time to visit this beach during the time of October and may.


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Damro is the one of the best place for solo travelers and itis the best to longest hanging bridges in Arunachal Pradesh. This is one of the hidden route to heaven place and full of the bamboo house.

Parule and Bhogwe

Parule and bhogwe in Maharashtra, this is farm stay experience for solo travelers and with the taste of the authentic local experience. Most common activities are cow milk, fishing, walking, and plantation as well as keep engages you. There is the stunning look of sunsets and sunrisewill take your breath away in parule. The bhogwe has one of the boasts of the architectural area and musical charm. It has wonderful rustic temples and old cottage with munching cashews, boat riding around the coast area.


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Bhalukpong is one of the hidden places in the southern reaches of Himalayas there are lots of attraction in Bhalukpong such as orchid research center and pakhul wildlife sanctuary.

Slient valley national park, it is located in Nilgiri hills and nearby Kerala. It is the best option for tourist planner and tries to plan the vacation in the national park.

Gurudongmar Lake

Credit: East Himalaya

Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim, the beauty of this place was going to leave you speechless. Above the sea level has to the lake that shows wonderful surface and ceased to freeze you. The best time to see this place has November and June. The great look of a landscape of snow mountain area and blue waters. This is one of the unexplored locations in India and tries to make the planning this location.

Most of the people thinking the famous wall in China only butt here is a great wall of India at Rajasthan. The wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second largest wall in the world and you get a great view in this place. The best time to visit this place during the time of September to march. Also, make sure to visit the architectural marvel in this wall.


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Kanatal is one of the pretty locations and also the best option for romantics.  One of the most unexplored places in India and have full of stunning location, hotels, resorts and warm etc. This is the best choice for couples whose who newly married. It has aspecial terrace stays for travelers.

There are lots of beautiful hidden locations as available in India. Such places are Siju caves,

Hongenakkal falls, elephant beach, Loktaklake, Sela pass, Dhanushkodi and valley of flowers etc. Try to make your vacation trip to some hidden location and get the new experience.