If you want to do new things in your life that you must do in your own way. The best option has a solo trip and it is gaining popularity among the country especiallyIndia. This is a trend slowly finding its ground in the country. In India, the single vacation or holiday for singles are popular and have the huge array of a safe place to visit all kinds of activities and attractions. Most probably the solo trip people like certain things such as heritage, mountains, beach areas, and religious temple.

The knowledge you gain about the different lifestyles and people you can get the interaction with relax mind stress. First, you have to pick up the right destination for a solo trip to India where you can head to and plan the trip properly.


Shimla is the perfect place for a solo trip and if you want to spend some time alone in the Himalayas. The place can make your journey wonderful with delightful and one of the best option to celebrate yourself. The Shimla destination has wonderful attractive places and hotels are there which indulge the shopping mall. If you are traveling to the Shimla on the solo trip best way to start walking along the mall road and take some pictures.

Credit: Ujjwal Mukherjee


Rishikesh is one of the best places for a solo trip for who are interested in the activities such as trekking, river rafting, diving, jumping, and rock climbing etc. There are lots of activities as available in the Rishikesh and also the best place for practice meditation whose who need the calm and relaxation. Not only meditations there are several aspects as available such as yoga, ayurvedic spa treatment, and other several Hinduism aspects.

Credit: Abhinav

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Kodaikanal, this is the best place for solo trip people because they have seen many attractions. Also, one of the best place for honeymoon destination definitely, you can feel the beauty of the city and the place can explore the greenery. This is one of the best places for photography so you can capture the beautiful pictures and those who have an interest in photography.

Credit: Ansar Basheer


Varkala, those who are looking for beach area this is one of the best places for a solo trip person. Varkala is an ideal place in Kerala for visiting the beach area. You can get the best relaxing time with beautiful beaches in the region. Also, there is much other attraction as available that you can explore yourself when you are there on a solo trip.

Credit: Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai


Alleppey, it is one of the most wonderful places which full of backwaters, exotic beaches, and stunning lagoons.  Also, one of the best romantic places in India and many of the honeymoon couples enjoy theAlleppey.  The solo trip who have to love the water sources this is the less attraction for solo travelers the only thing has backwater and those have cruised in the houseboat and music festivals.