The Tagaytay city is a perfect place for leisure activities and full of nature with a perfect occasion. Most common and interesting activities are horseback, riding, sightseeing, and other natural resources etc. definitely who loves the nature this is a favorite place among the Philippines and the best weekend spot to refreshing yourself. If you need the relaxation, Tagaytay city is the best option and also safe occasion trip. As well as a lot of hotels and restaurants are available in the Tagaytay gateway. The only thing has to enjoy yourself in the cool and breezy climate. In the Philippines, the Tagaytay has one of the best tourists spots and you have to do something new in the place as well as you can get the good experience.

Best things in Tagaytay city

The spiritual journey is one of the important parts in the Tagaytay city because seeking for some quiet and spiritual journey. A lot of places are there in the Tagaytay city such as churches and seminary houses where you like to meditate and commune with nature. If you are going for the spiritual journey definitely you can get some faith and feel fresh to relax.

A theme park in Tagaytay city, this is one of the top most attraction and besides the taal vista hotel. Definitely, you and your family members enjoy with the event and activities. The main attraction of Tagaytay theme park have sky ranch and this is called sky eye with a long wheel and tall. Also, the theme park has a lot of fun activities such as super Viking, red baron, wonder flight, express train, and carousel etc.

Food trip in Tagaytay city

Taal Volcano, Tagaytay Image source: The Wandering Angel of

The Tagaytay have one of the best tourist spots and attractions. But, the people are focused on foodies, it is a heaven of food and many hotels, restaurants, and cafes.There are wide ranges of food options and varieties when it comes to food, Tagaytay offers a lot of dishes that surely stimulate the taste to you.

Trekking to Taal volcano, this is one of popular place in Tagaytay and it jumps off point. There are many boats and travel agency provide the best service to enjoy the Taal volcano island.

The forecasting of Tagaytay has wonderful and normal weather condition. Sometimes rainy day to enjoy the Tagaytay places and normal temperature at 22 degrees. There is no problem to weather condition during the trekking and hiking time. Also one of the best places for romantic things and a lot of hotels or resort are available. Some romantic places are fire lake grill, Antonio’s restaurants,nurture wellness village and zip line Tagaytay.

Image source: Manilaspirit/Creative Commons

If you are comet the Tagaytay city with your partner then you can definitely goto Sonaygarden. It is one of the best romantic places for dinner which replicates the feelings and sharing for each other. Common romantic foods are crunchy vegetable variety, sun-dried tomatoes, and flower decoration.

For relaxation, a lot of activities and spa treatment as available in the Tagaytay city. The only thing has to enjoy your vacation and go for the spa treatment. Common options are spa treatment, steam room, sauna, and spa etc.