Mindoro is one of the dream islands because it is all around the essential things. Such as hiker, beach house, foodies and backpacker etc. This is one of the best and fantastic place to enjoy the travelers. Especially the northeastern area of the Mindoro island as fantastic diving area and you definitely feel the chilled out of the beach area. There are a lot of variety of upscale and accommodation as available in the Mindoro.

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The natural constitution of Mindoro place have a natural agricultural source of roots in the island such as rich in mangoes, citrus, coconuts and there are a lot of fruit variety and vegetables. The Mindoro trip had good experience as well as much cheaper compared to other Philippines island and definitely way more memorable for your trip.

Those of you love adventurous travel Mindoro is one of the perfect places for you. There are lots of natural landscape and the wide variety of certain unique things to do in the Mindoro Philippines.

Dip’n dive in Apo Reef in Mindoro, those who love the deep blue sea, this is the best place for you. The dip’n dive in Aporeed has the natural park and also one of the second largest atoll reefs in the world island. The Apo reef has full of the white sand beach area and clear-cut of bluewater.

Photo by Harly Marcuap

Baco national park, it explores the wilderness in mount Lglit baco natural park in Mindoro. The Baco natural park is the best-protected area of the Philippines and this area is very rich in the land surface. You can see some known endangeredspecies variety and full of towering trees.

Kalong river in Mindoro has one of the inland body of the water source that has sheer and calming atmosphere among the inland. One of the best place in Mindoro to relax you and get the cool down atmosphere compared to other places in Mindoro.

Calawagan river resort, this is of the splash cool place in the Mindoro and also it is awarded the cleanest river. The people in Mindoro give more importance to the environmental awareness and clean care of the natural source. If you are seen in the Calawagan rivers, springs, and waterfalls are common water resource .sodefinitely you enjoy the place and best resort features to your trip.

Agbalala falls is one of the four waterfalls and most of them are Agbalala lovers fall. It is one of the highest falls and combines the form of water source on the rock area. The adventurous people can reach in two ways one as mountainsides and another way to reach the pebble shores of rocks. Since going hiking and trekking in the Agbalala falls are might too dangerous so you should take care of yourself.

Tambaron Island | Photo by Andy Nelson on flickr

The Mindoro has one of the enjoyment places with a wide variety of activities the Mindoro place exploring the caves to diving in coral surface and definitely, you can get the great adventurous. Also have best resorts and restaurants based on your budget and needs.