Coron is one of the natural wonder place and also the third largest island in the Philippines. There is a wonderful wave crossing onto the sea source onto the sugar like white beach area. The most thing has the stunning look of blues you have ever seen on the island. The Coron is one of the amazing destinations that have made a wonderful experience for your trip as well as the world best island among the island.

The coron is more natural beauty than the pretty paradise island. And it has a rich marine resource and biodiversity area with a share of an underwater source. This is one of the best destinations of resorts and restaurants.

Best things to do in Coron Philippines

Swim inKayangan Lake in Coron, it is definitely one of the best and highlights of Coron holiday. Because it shows gorgeous water resource and crystal clear brackish waters. The lakes part of their ancestral domain with the cleanest lake in the Philippines. So you can enjoy the destination with great experience.

Relax your mind on Banol beach, it is one of the beautiful beaches and has many white sand beaches. The main limestone of an island has a bit of protection from the noon sun with the support of wall protection.

Enjoy your vacation trip to Malcapuya island, the best beaches among the Coron island and also easily reached by the boat ride. The Malcpuya island has a long stretch of white sand and water sources. 

Adventure in Coron Philippines

Hike Mt.Tapyas, this is one of the hottest places in the Coron and normal temperature of 97 degrees. If you are climbing up to the top area of the Mt.Tapyas has definitely adventurous.

Soak in Maquinit springs, it also one of the hot springs and also make a sound bit in sane. One of the very few saltwater hot spring area in the world but theMaquinit have two pools one as mangrove forest area and another one has a small beach area. The normal natural hot water has to feed good feel and better relaxing.

This is one of the most adventurous places in Coron as swim in the hidden lagoon at the twin lagoon. The twin lagoon has two lagoons divides the water and create the limestone to a hidden surface. It is one of the beautiful areas in the Coron Philippines. Definitely, you can get good experience among the Coron Island. You can easily swim through an archway of the mountain to access the inner hidden surface of the lagoon. The inner lagoon shows the natural feel of fresh air and saltwater meet to you of varying the water temperature. The wonderful view of the inner lagoon has a rich source of corals and marine life. So definitely you can enjoy with them and feel the unique environment coupled with the stunning look of walls of a coral layer.

Island hop

In the Philippines have over seven thousand islands are there and the province of Coron island s made up of eight major islands among the island.  Definitely, you can see plenty of sources and get the great way to do that is take an island tour.