Out of the entire Greek island, the Crete is the largest place and filled with everything. It combines the dramatic mountains with the rocky area and full of golden sand and beaches. The Crete has contained the historical place, foodies and beautiful scenery. The whole thing of Crete has an amazing place and you can do something new activities to get the great experience.

Best places and things in Crete

Glyka Nera beach (Sweet Water) Photo Credit: Travel Passionate

Samaria Gorge, it contains the national park with an impressive look of a mountain village. The river is dries up the summer time but the winter it runs the length of a gorge with the high rocky. The best option has to visit the Samaria Gorge in mid of October.

You have to visit the Spinalonga island in Crete. It looks tiny island and very close to the Crete city and easily you can reach the island. The Spinalonga island is a much more peaceful place and really you can enjoy with the boating.

Chania is the main town area in the Crete and the capital of the island. It is a lovely place to explore your enjoyment. It is worth of fresh look seasonal produce and natural gifts such as cheese and honey. And, it is the great spot to get chill to feel and relaxing you with the stunning sea.

Credit: Travel Passionate

Greek food, make sure that you will try some tasty food items in the Crete. Most common foodies are Cretan cheese, Dakos, and Kalitsounia variety. Common ingredients are cheeses, rusk, ripe tomatoes, sheep cheese, and olive oil.

Best view of Balons Lagoon in Crete and this is one of the best hiking areas. The best option has a boat to travel the Balon’s Lagoon because you get the best view of the Balon Lagoon.

Palm Beach, it one of the stunning landscape and also largest palm grove. This is the right place to see the natural shade and short hike over the hill station.

The historical museum in Crete has a very interesting place and has older stuff. The museum has small in size and there are lots of places have to see and learn something new. The major part of Crete museum has two painting one as baptism Christ and Mt.sinai.

Weather forecasting in Crete has chill weather condition and normal temperature as thirteen degree Celsius. So definitely you can enjoy the trip or vacation in the Crete places. Most probably summer will start in June and end to September. October to mid of November as autumn climate only people can see sunshine in six hours. Winter season has December to march and brings storms. The spring will come in April and continue to the journey of the following month. Based on your vacation trip you can decide the trip to Crete and most probably people are like to visit the Crete in chill time. Enjoy with your family or friends in the Crete Island and foodies. The kids are mostly like the cheese variety and Crete as best place to get the cheese food items.